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Author's Profile
Age Over Sixty   Middle 60's
Work After retires   Working for a few days in a month.
Residence Tokai region   Central Japan
Nickname Macs   have a reader's satisfaction !
    Satisfaction improved by Mac
Sites Calm Trip   How to Plan and/or Reservation
    Independent Overseas Free Trip
  World Heritage List 世界遺産 全件 Excel D/L 可
また寄りたい店   When walk around Nagoya, Kyoto
      Please stop by these Cafe, Restaurant, Store.
PC Walk
  Easy-to-use free software, Reasonable PC,
       and Introduction of Pc-related Q and A
PC Home Doctor
  Advisory office ”that troubled Pc” for senior,
    【Membership】- Available for Reasonable fee
Trip   Overseas and / or Domestic and Spa
Walking   for Delicious, Relish, Cafe
IT Fun   PC, Web, Groupware
Goods   New, Unique, Excellent one